Change Notice


1) Since the company has been renamed, this website becomes inactive.

2) Forward to new website is stopped as business referral via this path is not necessary. In order to avoid any possible political conflicts, we shall abstain from joining any public audio activities. But, we do not restrict our licensed partners to communicate in audio industry.

3) But, we still own this domain name "", say for 5+ years plus to avoid improper use of this website domain where the computer server remains unchanged to locate in Germany since startup. It is critical for international recognition if data backup investigation is required for court case. (i.e. it is a kind of physical forensic evidence. Since the world is full of hypocrisy, we only trust evidence.)

4) If necessary, our paid native lawyers with different languages are always ready to handle any illegal international conflicts.


Updated: 25th July, 2015.



*** This website is hosted in Germany ***