In short:
1) The activity of this website has been frozen and any direct communication has been stopped. But, we still maintain this website, let say to own the domain name “” for 5 or more years in order to prevent illegal use of this domain name.
2) By Intellectual Property right, we own all the information in this website as our asset with both data backup and witness for evidence proof because all technical designs and English articles are solely done by "Owner". Those people who want to use our asset must ask from our consent. Formal notice is based on this website. In order to prevent false statement, authorized signature from domain name owner is required for any declaration or notification other than this website. It is our decision. By law, we have no liability to explain anything due to security and ignore any unreliable external influence due to possible political involvement.
3) In order to maintain at highly independency, we build our brand product with skillful craftsmanship and ultimate technology. For this reason, we do not service OEM/ODM business at this moment. Once sales is announced and available, customers can buy it via global distributors.
4) Audio industry is not our major business. We pay attention to the important of "quality" rather than money. In worst case scenario, we are totally affordable if this market performs poor profitability in financial point of view because it is not significant to our overall corporate profit figure. We treat it as a luxury market rather than a competitive market. In other words, we do not intend to compete in this market segment, but aim at building luxury items for rich people's hobby.
5) There are two major qualitative aspects of quality concern. First, taste of sound (i.e. audio) is a result of human perception (i.e. Qualitative) rather than measurable metrics (i.e. Quantitative). It is easy to make it work (i.e. sound correctly), but it is difficult to build an audio gear at good taste of sound. It requires highly time consuming repeated loop of listening test and audio gear fine tuning. Second, it is difficult to maintain good quality of sound consistency in either batch or mass production. Hence, we are not urgent to provide business (i.e. no offer) and have not received money in advance from any parties yet (i.e. no debt).
6) Currently, we have no employee, office, authorized person/agent and direct business deal in Hong Kong. Please don't let us to involve in any political matters in Hong K
ong. Besides, it is useless to approach my family, relatives or even Hong Kong government to influence my decision. Just waste of time and a non-sense tactic because I am the final decision maker.
Hi-end luxury quality product will be made in Germany (i.e. with semi-product partners such as Poland, Czech, Hungary, Austria, etc...) - A single market within the European Union (EU) excluding Great Britain. Due to uncertainty of Brexit negotiation, isolation of British market in Europe with special handling is necessary. Throw away of the British market can ensure your business running smoothly and harmony at minimum conflict. Simply less trouble and free from control! (i.e. The British law which enforces Royal Charter does not apply. Currently, I have no business deal with British market, thus I do not require to comply with any British requirement.)
8) Lastly, all illegal matters will be sent to court case for handling. (e.g. thieving, harassment, counterfeit, defamation, broadcasting rumors or invasion of Intellectual Property, etc...)


***** Made in Germany - A single market within the European Union (EU) excluding Great Britain *****
***** Hergestellt in Deutschland - Ein Binnenmarkt innerhalb der Europäischen Union (EU) ohne Großbritannien *****

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