We still maintain this website due to the following reasons:
1) We shall own this domain name “”, let say over 5 more years in order to prevent from illegal use of this domain name. Besides, we also keep both backup from personal hard disk and the server in Germany for more years in case proof of evidence is required. Hence, we shall frozen the activity of this website.
2) Audio industry is not qualified a professional discipline (e.g. staatlich geprüfter Techniker in EU or P.Eng. in North America) with full of idiots, beggars and robbers, particularly in "England" and her followers, e.g. Australia and Netherlands. Due to safety and security reasons, we shall stop any forwarding linkage from public audio forum and we have no intention to communicate or co-operate with these bad guys anymore. In other words, government regulation does not apply to audio industry and any worldwide audio societies are classified as non-for-profit organizations which do not carry statutory power. Hence, an audio company is a simple private business which is required to comply with commercial law only.
3) We shall not involve into any political situation. Any illegal issue will be directly referred to court case. Apology is not necessary and useless. I only trust evidence which is a basis for judgement.
4) We feel extremely disappointed with the "code of conduct" in audio industry if a personal hobby turns into political issue. If necessary, we are always available to testify against criminals (e.g. counterfeit, defamation, broadcasting rumors or invasion of Intellectual Property, etc...) in court case.
5) Lastly, our business hubs are located in Germany and Taiwan respectively. We have currently no business deal in Hong Kong. Please do not annoy us illegally. By law, we not only neglect you, but also shall kill you.

Alan, Shun-Ming Tam
(Domain name owner)
Updated: 19th May, 2016.



*** This website is hosted in Germany ***