In short:
1) The activity of this website has been frozen and any direct communication has been stopped. But, we still maintain this website, let say to own the domain name “” for 5 or more years in order to prevent illegal use of this domain name.
2) By Intellectual Property right, we own all the information in this website as our asset with both data backup and witness for evidence proof. Those people who want to use our asset must ask from our consent.
3) Formal notice is based on this website. In order to prevent false statement, authorized signature from domain name owner is required for any declaration or notification other than this website.
4) It is our decision. By law, we have no liability to explain anything due to security and ignore any unreliable external influence due to possible political involvement because we are not urgent to start business (i.e. no offer) and have not received money in advance from any parties yet (i.e. no debt).
Currently, we have no employee, office, authorized person/agent and direct business deal in Hong Kong. Please don't let us to involve in any political matters in Hong Kong. (部分香港人以及包括外國某音響網站不同國籍的討論者正臭貨,不是人類,狗的行為,這些人不需要尊重)
6) Lastly, all illegal matters will be sent to court case for handling. (e.g. thieving, harassment, counterfeit, defamation, broadcasting rumors or invasion of Intellectual Property, etc...)

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Updated: 14th February, 2017.



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